'The Starter Pack' - Pack of 3 Beeswax Wraps
'The Starter Pack' - Pack of 3 Beeswax Wraps
'The Starter Pack' - Pack of 3 Beeswax Wraps
'The Starter Pack' - Pack of 3 Beeswax Wraps
Joanne de Pace

'The Starter Pack' - Pack of 3 Beeswax Wraps

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Our wonderful Beeswax Wraps are now available in a brand new pack size! 

Perfect for anyone curious about Beeswax Wraps and unsure which size might suit them best, this pack has got you, and your leftovers, covered!

Containing 3 wraps in our most popular sizes!

  • 1 x 40cm x 40cm
  • 1 x 30cm x 30cm
  • 1 x 20cm x 20cm

Please note, the designs included in these packs will vary as we hate waste and will make use of the best designs that we have in stock at the time you place your order. We do promise they will always be pretty and great quality!

These amazing reusable beeswax food wraps are a great way to help you cutdown on your use of environmentally damaging plastic wrap and sandwich bags. The squares of organic cotton are infused with local Cotswold beeswax, organic jojoba oil and pine resin and create a breathable antibacterial seal around cut fruit and vegetables, herbs, cheese, bread and open tin cans, bowls of leftovers, sandwiches and other baked goods. Perfect for picnics and lunchboxes too. You can also use your beeswax wrap to protect your toothbrush, razor or soap whilst travelling.

They are not recommended for use with pineapple, raw meats or fish. Please do not put them in the microwave or dishwasher and keep from naked flames and heat.

Wash your wraps between uses in cool water with a little dish soap and leave to dry naturally.

Lasting up to a year, when the life of your beeswax wrap comes to an end, simply add it to your compost!

Our Beeswax Wraps are packaged using biodegradable and compostable wrap made from corn starch.

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